Hi, my name is Paul Juan.
Welcome to my web site: www.pauljuan.com

My business is promoting Cartagena de Indias on the Internet.

Cartagena is an historic and romantic seaside city of about one million people who live, work and play in safety that equals, or is better, than other large cities of the world. We are far removed from the problems of the vast southern mountainous regions of Colombia.
I was born here and enjoyed my early years playing with childhood friends on and around our farm in Turbaco. At age 6, we moved to the Walled City where I “grew up”, experienced my first love, and first heartache. Later we moved to Bocagrande where my father was involved in real estate and property development.

My dad also “gave back” to Cartagena, serving for two terms as a City of Cartagena Councilman. I also have many good memories of LSU in Baton Rouge, where I took my four year degree in Computer Engineering. Unlike many of my Colombian friends who chose to remain and become U.S. citizens, I returned home to live with my family and friends in Cartagena. I´m now married with two great children, enjoying my life as I work and stay busy spreading the word about this Jeweled City on the Caribbean, called Cartagena. If you visit our Portal´s you will discover many reasons why I truly love Cartagena and consider it:

Our main Portal: www.cartagenainfo.com is known as: The Guide To Cartagena . Here you will discover complete up-to-date information about Cartagena. There are over 2,000 photos, and more than a hundred client Home Pages showing places to stay, where to dine and shop, plus attractions offering fun, education, entertainment, romance and the many physical activities offered in our Caribbean vacationland. Plus we promote Cartagena professionals such as language schools, temporary business assistants, translators, Accountants, Doctors, Dentists, Real Estate Companies, etc. Many visitors to Cartagena come for elective or cosmetic surgery, and with our low fees, they pay for their entire vacation with the savings over high prices they would have to pay in other countries. How can you beat the money saving combination of a new you, PLUS enjoying a great Cartagena holiday?

For Cartagena businesses and professionals that want to be featured in The Guide, we offer bi-lingual (Spanish/English) Home pages for only $100 dollars a year-complete.

www.cartagenarealty.com is my Paul Juan Realty website. I specialize in offering a wide range of quality properties with detailed information including buying expenses, tax information, plus property prices and complete descriptions including hundreds of photos. This website, like The Guide To Cartagena, is jam packed with good information and is updated daily.

For specialized Portals we have developed www.cartagenacolombiahotels.com for hotel accommodations including prices, photos and reservations. www.cartagenarestaurants.com for fine dining, including copies of menus with current prices. For information about the beautiful Rosario Islands check out: www.rosarioislands.com. www.cartagenahosting.com offers low cost (as little as $8.95 a year) domains, hosting and internet solutions to further encourage others to promote Cartagena, and their businesses, on the Internet.

Our company strongly supports the concept of "giving back" to your community. Currently, there are three Cartagena charitable organizations receiving gratis Home Pages from CartagenaInfo.com. Each of these worthy organizations receives donations and gifts as a result of their Home Pages. In an effort to help increase their donations I am also hosting them here on my personal Home Page. I know that my Home Page receives only a small fraction of CartagenaInfo's visitors, but every little bit helps!

All of our Portals, domains and client Home Pages are inter linked for visitor convenience. This reciprocal linking also helps achieve better Search Results with the all important Search Engines. For four hours each and every night, our PC´s are on line, promoting all of our client Home Pages, in addition to our Cartagena Portals, to the top 100 Search Engines. The results of this work and expense are seen in the high number of visitors our Home Page clients receive. Simply designing Home Pages, is not enough!

This is my personal website, and with help and input from you, my fellow Cartagenero´s, it will continue to evolve and grow. I´m always looking for better ways to improve and promote our great Cartagena lifestyle, and therefore your comments, questions, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are always welcome. Please email me at: pauljuan@gmail.com

Thanks, Paul Juan
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